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Falcongaze recaps spring’2012 activity

3 May 2012

Falcongaze employees showcased SecureTower system more than two dozen times in the course of seminars, partnership conferences, and others events held this spring in Russia and other countries.

During the events, more than a thousand CEOs of large companies, top managers and information security specialists were able to evaluate SecureTower efficacy and ease of use. They also had an opportunity to obtain exhaustive information about SecureTower’s principles of functioning and efficiency in companies regardless of the field of their business.

The spring season of promo activities was opened at one of the most reputable seminars in the field of information security – “Innovative products and technologies in information security”. More than 40 CEOs and information security specialists representing Gazprom EP International, Alpha-bank, Severstal and other major Russian companies participated in this seminar.

In March, Falcongaze took part in the Fifth Congress of Information Security Managers «Russian CSO Summit V». More than 500 representatives of companies seeking for information and economic security solutions visited the summit. At the company’s stand, any visitor could take a look at SecureTower system in action and ask Falcongaze specialists any further questions.

One event that stood out was the multi-vendor seminar on information security organized by Falcongaze partner company in Penza: the presentation of SecureTower system attracted a huge interest, and the discussion which followed the presentation was highly praised by the majority of specialists who visited the event.

Falcongaze also held a number of SecureTower presentations at various events in Moscow, Kazan, Surgut, Minsk and other cities. As a result of the spring activity, Falcongaze expanded its regional partnership network, signed contacts with new customers and reached arrangements on deployment of several pilot projects in Russia and other countries.