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Falcongaze SecureTower provides new opportunities for generating reports

21 May 2013

Falcongaze Company announces the update of SecureTower system designed to protect data from leakage and monitor employees’ performance in the workplace. In the new version of the product developers have expanded opportunities of the Reports Center, as well as added a functional to control the data transmitted via Microsoft Office 365 cloud email service.

The work of any organization today is a complex mechanism with many interactions at various levels. Therefore, any company needs a tool that would allow monitoring certain trends within an organization. One of the most effective ways to solve this problem is to analyze employees’ performance and identify some patterns in their activities. Deviations from the formed algorithms can mean improper performance of duties or other violations of the processes within a company. Thus it is important to have the possibility of presenting acquired information in a visual form that allows making an objective assessment of the situation in an organization. For these purposes the Reports Center was developed in SecureTower system which helps to get an accurate picture of the state of affairs in the organization and, if necessary, submit a detailed report to management.

In the new version of the system the capabilities of the SecureTower module to build reports were significantly expanded. Now in addition to the extended functional for collecting statistics on general quantitative indicators as well as the identification of employees who exploit different data channels more actively than others, SecureTower system allows creating individual reports for every user in the network. Thus, having analyzed the general information on the state of affairs in the company with the help of comprehensive reports, an authorized employee can view reports for individual users whose actions stand out of the ordinary working day schedule.

This type of reports allows getting statistics about user computer activity in a given period of time. SecureTower system provides an opportunity to generate reports with a large number of criteria. For example, having analyzed the time of turning a computer on and off, you can get the information about the working hours of an employee, as well as the total time of active computer use. Reports also provide quantitative information about visited websites, messages sent via instant messengers and other statistics. The ability to view the average values of the above parameters helps to identify general trends in the company the deviation from which may be indicative of certain changes in business processes. For greater clarity the reports of SecureTower system apart from statistical data contain graphs and charts.

For convenience' sake, in the SecureTower system the ability to export reports to popular documents formats (.pdf, .xls, .csv, .img, .rtf, etc.) has been implemented, as well as their printing directly from the product console. Thanks to this capability an authorized officer responsible for information security or a human resources manager can always quickly provide the necessary data to management, thus demonstrating the effectiveness of their department.

In addition, the ability to monitor email sent and received using the cloud service Microsoft Office 365 has been implemented in SecureTower. Thus, the system is able to analyze email messages transmitted via Web-based service, as well as via email clients installed directly on user workstations. Control of this cloud service is in demand primarily in SMB Sector companies as well as in the organizations where a large number of employees work remotely.