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Resurs Ltd. protected their data with Falcongaze SecureTower system

21 March 2013

The Resurs Company that owns the Uvelka brand, one of the leading manufacturers of different boil-in-bag cereals, chose the DLP-system SecureTower to protect their data. The Resurs Company has rather complex network architecture, so one of the priority requirements for data protection system was the opportunity to ensure control of all possible data leakage channels promptly and in full.

The system deployment was preceded by the full testing of SecureTower in the company's network. During this testing security experts of the Resurs Company not only tested the system in real office environment, thus revealing weaknesses in the organization’s information security, but also created artificial situations for the system fault-tolerance assay on the whole. Particularly close attention the experts of the Resurs Company paid to the functionality for web traffic monitoring.

As a result the Resurs Company specialists concluded that the functionality of the SecureTower system developed by the Falcongaze Company met the needs of the organization to the full while advanced staff control capabilities allowed to make the performance of the security department much more effective.

“After careful examination of several DLP systems from different vendors we came to the conclusion that the SecureTower system best meets the specifications and is best suited to perform the tasks of the security department in the Resurs Company. Given the complex structure of the company our information security officers had to spend a lot of time on the handling of incidents related to the security policy violations. Easy to use SecureTower functional as well as advanced capabilities for staff control allowed to minimize the time required for incidents detection and investigation,” said Sergey Kirpichenko, the Deputy Head of the Development at Resurs Ltd.