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Falcongaze is a brand new partner of Bitrate

18 June 2015

Falcongaze announces the start of cooperation with Bitrate, which is one of the leading suppliers of solutions for security, analysis and network monitoring in South Africa. The partnership agreement between the two companies was signed to expand geographical presence of Falcongaze in the international market. This will help ensure that security needs of South African businesses regarding Data Leakage Protection are met.

The local network of any organization is like a body with lots of processes that are important to control in order to avoid economic and reputational losses. Bitrate, given the threats that lurk in corporate local network, the Internet and common communication channels, among other things, is engaged in supplying technical solutions designed to identify vulnerabilities and safeguard sensitive data.

"Today the use of data leakage protection tools is in fact a prerequisite condition for companies that are committed to sustainable development and maintaining competitiveness in the changing external environment. The addition of Falcongaze SecureTower software will help our customers to deal with internal threats and ensure the security of sensitive data within a company’s network. SecureTower records and controls how sensitive data leave the network giving the CIO some peace that the enterprise is protected," said Jeroen Dubbelman, Managing Director of Bitrate.

"We seek to expand the markets for our software, and South Africa seems a promising region to us. The coalition with Bitrate is aimed at increasing of Falcongaze SecureTower brand awareness, as well as the expansion of the range of modern software solutions for business protection against internal threats in South Africa. We strongly believe that the collaboration will be successful and serve the common goals," said Alexander Akimov, CEO of Falcongaze.

About Bitrate

Bitrate is a supplier of modern high-tech solutions in the field of information and communication in South Africa. Bitrate provides equipment and software related to IT security, IT monitoring, IT management and data centre infrastructure.