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Falcongaze explores the market in East Asia

23 November 2015

Falcongaze Company strengthens its market position in East Asia. The path of further development of this promising region begins with a partnership with South Korean company Hanvit Si Inc. Hanvit Si has more than ten years of experience in information security, performs network analysis, provides customers with effective software solutions and delivers quality consulting and after-sales service. As part of its activities, the company focuses on building strong relationship with business partners abroad.

One of the most serious security risks today – insider threats. Companies suffer from leaks caused by employees who break security rules, gain unauthorized access to sensitive information or handle corporate data and communication channels improperly. Employees become the cause of data breaches either on purpose or through inadvertence. Hanvit Si in partnership with Falcongaze is going to provide South Korean companies with a powerful tool to protect against insider threats.

"In order to ensure that the Internet and corporate computer systems, networks and communication channels, such as e-mail, instant messengers, cloud storages and others are used in compliance with law and company policy, businesses cannot do without special tools. And we are glad to introduce to our customers one of such tools – Information Security Platform SecureTower by Falcongaze, designed to protect against insider threats, optimize work processes and control the usage of corporate resources," said James Myunggoo Hwang, Chief Sales Director of Hanvit Si Inc.

"East Asia is the region of a million opportunities, and South Korea is the country where opportunities become a reality. Now we are going to engage in more intense work with this region and country in particular. We are excited to start cooperation with a company like Hanvit Si Inc. which has great experience in information security. Together we will be able to make the protection of businesses in South Korea against insider threats even more reliable and high-quality," said Irina Sheiko, the head of East & Southeast Asia direction in Falcongaze Company.