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Falcongaze developers created a technology for WhatsApp interception

15 November 2016

Falcongaze, which has already rolled out the technology for interception of communications and file sharing via Telegram Messenger earlier this year, now announces the replenishment of the messengers under control line. The new version of comprehensive information security platform SecureTower will be complemented by a technology allowing to intercept communication in WhatsApp messenger, which hit second place in the ranking of Falcongaze Analytics Center.

End-to-end encryption in WhatsApp ensures protection of communications from falling into the wrong hands, but does not protect a company from unauthorized forwarding of messages with sensitive corporate information by employees through this channel. The new version of SecureTower will come armed with full control over WhatsApp messages, sent and received in chats and group conferences. Thus, Falcongaze solution will close the information security issue with a business communication channel, which enjoys highest popularity.

Moreover, the new version of SecureTower will be further enforced by support of Google Hangouts, a widely used business communications and collaboration platform. By embracing the line of most commonly used messengers, SecureTower will become a tool providing maximum protection against leakage through one of the most vulnerable channels.

Along with messengers under control Falcongaze also announces new arrivals in the cloud storage family: Google Drive is now on the list too.

In addition, now SecureTower will recognize stamps on sent images. In this way companies with busy document flow, where employees in the line of duty often send each other confidential files, will be able to trace these documents within the company perimeter and outbound. Here is how it works: stamp images are uploaded into the system – and the system scans all documents and images that circulate in the company's network and go beyond it, for the presence of these stamps. In the case of direct match information security specialists will receive notifications and will be able to stop further spread of sensitive information.

"In addition to these new features, Falcongaze SecureTower will be marked by expansion of scalability which will allow to store and process large amounts of data without loss of speed and system responsiveness. It will also allow to collect archives of communication for considerably longer period and, if necessary, carry out a retrospective analysis with much greater speed. The introduced mechanism will make it possible to monitor an unlimited number of data leakage channels in diverse ways," says Alexander Akimov, CEO of Falcongaze.

The release is scheduled for the end of December 2016. Stay tuned!