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Falcongaze developed functional to control Telegram

19 July 2016

Falcongaze, vendor of information security, workflow monitoring and optimization products, announces Telegram Messenger under control in the latest version of SecureTower. SecureTower is a comprehensive information security and risk management platform.

Telegram is one of the fastest-growing messengers in the world, gaining popularity in a professional environment. Being a channel of business communication, it should be monitored, while the lack of control may result in leakage of corporate information. Falcongaze in the struggle for data security in organizations is committed to providing customers with advanced solutions for control of communication channels, including relatively new ones and those that were not previously controlled. Telegram replenished the list of such channels.

The technology of interception communications in Telegram Messenger from employees' computers was implemented into the latest version of SecureTower. Development of Falcongaze Company allows to monitor communication between users in chats, as well as in groups – conferences with the number of participants more than two. In addition to interception of incoming and outgoing text messages, SecureTower intercepts voice messages in Telegram, as well as all sent files, including images and videos.

Telegram monitoring tool, developed by Falcongaze, enables control and evaluation of business communication between employees, as well as identifying disloyal employees communicating with competitors. Such employees represent a potential source of corporate information leakage through this channel. It should be mentioned that private correspondence of users, carried out with devices owned by employees, will not be intercepted.

"One of our main objectives is to provide corporate sector with solutions that would offer maximum protection against data leaks. Therefore we are constantly expanding the number of channels controlled by SecureTower, as it is particularly important to think one step ahead and take into account all vulnerable spots. In order to meet customers' needs we implemented the functional to monitor messenger Telegram, which is unique at the moment, into the latest version of SecureTower," said Alexander Akimov, CEO of Falcongaze.