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Shortlist of employees who tend to lose confidential data

17 February 2014

They say a thief isn't a thief unless you catch him in the act. But in reality even caught doesn’t always mean guilty. According to statistics about 40 % of all information leaks occur because of an employee’s simple distraction, counting the crows, nodding off – you can find hundreds of definitions for negligence. But the fact remains: data leakage occurred and it is virtually impossible to calculate how much money will pour out of company even for the most eminent financiers in the world.

Analytical Center of Falcongaze Company which is the developer of SecureTower data protection system made a shortlist of professionals who are more often guilty of data leaks than their colleagues and, hence, additional attention to them clearly wouldn't be out of place.

Whatever a company is engaged in its products must be sold. Otherwise, how can there be profit with no sales? In many organizations the number of specialists responsible for working with potential customers is about 40-50% of the employees’ total. In fact, some of the most valuable data in a company is concentrated in sales department: employees of these divisions are always aware of the latest developments in products, hundreds of treaties, invoices and other confidential documents regularly pass through their hands. However, only one misstep, one wrong keystroke only, and distracted sales specialist endangers the welfare of the whole company by sending sensitive document to the wrong email address or accidentally having mentioned about the upcoming tender in a private conversation.

Another type of professionals who are at risk of losing data is accounting staff. Who knows all the ins and outs of an organization better than them? Besides, tea and many smoke breaks of this department’s specialists in many organizations have become a byword among their colleagues and cause for the headache of managers.

Practice shows that while most often there are unintended cases of corporate data leakage in sales and finance departments, among product developers the situation is somewhat different. Competitors are not asleep, and the situations when the developers enticed to another company take drawings and latest company technologies with them are not uncommon.

According to folk wisdom which is applicable to the data protection issues it is always better to prevent the danger and take all the necessary measures, rather than later to deal with the consequences. And although it is obvious that it is impossible to foresee all the situations, it’s still worth listening to another folk wisdom: forewarned is forearmed.