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Data Security and SecureTower

15 March 2011

Almost all businesses and other institutions face the problem of data security nowadays. Even such organizations as the Pentagon and the US Department of State have recently failed to prevent data leaks from their advanced secret network SIPRNet, which gave rise to the high-profile scandal over the WikiLeaks project and had significant consequences on the international political arena.

This issue is of no less importance for commercial organizations. Whenever classified information leaves a company, it might entail loss of reputation and competitive advantage, or even direct financial losses.

Global experience of data protection shows that the threats originate both outside and inside of the corporate network, i.e. from the company’s personnel. While the protection from external network attacks and attempts of unauthorized access has traditionaly been a major concern to system administrators, internal protection is often paid far less attention to. With the increasing value of information in the modern society this means that such networks are exposed to a greater and greater risk.

A DLP solution is an effective way to eliminate the internal threats by intercepting all data transferred from a computer through all possible transmission channels. This kind of system allows solving two problems at once. First, it controls all the data streams passing through every network user. Thereby, you can keep an eye on every possible channel of data leaks from a corporate network. Second, it helps control the efficiency of each employee’s work time management.

A Data Loss Prevention system is an essential component making information security complete and minimizing all potential risks a corporate network is exposed to.

SecureTower software suite developed by Falcongaze is one of the cutting-edge DLP solutions. It is a software suite aimed at providing comprehensive control over all the information circulating in a network and all the possible ways of its leakage, namely transfer through FTP, HTTP and HTTPS, e-mail or instant messengers, copying to external storage devices and printouts.

When intercepting data, SecureTower identifies the user transmitting it. This is where another important feature of SecureTower comes up – it helps control every employee’s efficiency which is significantly lower if he or she spends half a day chatting in IMs or surfing websites not related to his or her work. Thus, the software bundle also assists in creating a sound system of personnel management.

After the data is intercepted by SecureTower, it can be archived for subsequent access as needed. All archives are fully searchable and give clear identification of every piece of information transmitted at any time.

SecureTower software suite can be tailored to the needs of any business, notwithstanding the size and complexity of its network. Falcongaze offers different solutions for different network sizes and topologies – from the Small Office Solution for smaller and simpler networks with up to 25 workstations, to the Enterprise Solution for larger networks with advanced multilevel network structures.

Whatever business a company is engaged into, the information it receives, produces or manipulates is the basis for productive decision-making and sufficient management. The integrity and security of the information system defines the success of any business. Modern DLP solutions, like SecureTower, eliminate the threat of data loss via the weakest link in the information processing chain – the humans.