How to Increase Employees’ Performance Efficiency?

Statistically speaking, the average employee is distracted from work every 3 minutes, but these mini-breaks are quite useful and help to think clearly. The problem appears when it is not possible to quickly restore focus, and it usually takes 20-25 minutes - such pauses slow down work and greatly affect productivity.

What distracts employees?

1. Frequent smoke breaks / snack breaks

 2. Multitasking

3. Gadgets

4. Colleagues

5. Poor internet

How can management increase employees’ performance efficiency?

Use special systems for monitoring the work of employees. DLP systems (data leak prevention) are very helpful not only to prevent leakage of confidential information, but also to assess and monitor the activity and loyalty of employees.

Let's look at the example of DLP SecureTower from Falcongaze. SecureTower monitors and memorizes all actions on the employee's computer, allows you to view in detail everything that employees did on the computer during the working day. The system shows the start and end times of work. What programs were used, what web resources were visited, who was communicated, what files were sent.

Thus, employees are aware that the manager can check the fulfillment of tasks at any time, and this provokes them to work harder. In addition to monitoring the work and loyalty of employees, SecureTower can help the company's management understand how to optimize the team's work, and the company's security service, how to identify fraudsters and disloyal employees.

As you can see, a DLP system is an extremely convenient software solution for monitoring operation and maintaining data security. SecureTower, for example, is responsible for

- changing and deleting data;

- web traffic;

- communication of personnel with each other and with unauthorized users;

- connection of removable devices;

- webcams and microphones;

- files sent to print, etc.

To reduce employee distraction, management should set specific break times / personal time for employees. For example, lunchtime + a few ten minute rest breaks during the working day. Research shows that it is easier for the brain to concentrate when we know that the task is finite in time and after n minutes it will definitely be possible to rest.

Implement systems of KPI (Key Performance Indicators - are numerical performance indicators that help measure the degree of achievement of goals or the optimality of the process): effectiveness and efficiency in numbers. The KPI system helps to determine the key performance parameters and implies the achievement of the enterprise's goal by fulfilling the plan by each employee, the KPI considers target, process, project indicators of the external environment.

Provide a separate workplace. Employees working in close distance to colleagues are 29% more distracted, so it is important to maintain distance between workplaces in such a way that unwanted contacts with colleagues can be avoided and concentrated on their work. Of course, your own office is the best solution, but not all companies can allocate a separate room for each team member, but having a comfortable desk, a computer with a partition is critical.

Integrate a motivation system - the best employees should have incentive bonuses that will encourage them to continue to work efficiently, overfulfilling the plan. The main motivational activities are considered to be salary and bonuses. Such a system increases the efficiency of staff and everyone will strive to prove themselves in the best possible way.

How to evaluate the performance of employees?

The calculation of performance indicators is carried out in a complex way:

-the volume of work performed is analyzed;

- the complexity of the tasks;

- features of the duties performed;

- results.

Each position has its own assessment criteria, but they must necessarily be:

- achievable;

- reasonable;

- motivating;

- appropriate to the content of the work;

- flexible and adaptive.

The work of creative people is difficult to control and standardize; it can be assessed only by the result. But the work of specialists, whose operations are cyclically repeated, can be normalized; for this, an audit of working time is performed.

The SecureTower DLP system

  • Data leak protection
  • Staff efficiency and loyalty monitoring
  • Identification of potentially dangerous employees (risk analysis)
  • Busines communications archive maintaining