Configuring the settings for sending notifications

In order to configure the settings for sending notifications about security policy violations:
1. Click Settings on the toolbar of the Security Center window.

2. Enter the IP address or the name of the server that will be used to send e-mails with system notifications in the Address or SMTP server name box of the notification settings window. For example, to send messages using a local mail client, specify the IP address or the name of the local mail server. The server address can be specified in the server: port format

3. In the E-mail address field of the sender, enter the e-mail address that will be used to send notifications.

4. If you want to use authorization to connect to the SMTP server, select the option SMTP server requires authentication in the appropriate text boxes, specify the user name and password of the mailbox specified in the Configure e-mail notification window that will be used to send system notifications.

Note: The user name and password must be specified in case the SMTP server requires authorization. Otherwise, these fields can be left blank, provided that access will be made on behalf of the domain account (Active Directory) and the system event service will be assigned the necessary rights to access the mail server. To do this, in the Windows services section, you must specify the user on behalf of which the system event service will work, and also assign access rights to the mail server.

5. If you want to use an encrypted connection, select the Use encryption option.

6. Select the language in which you want to send the notification to the email in the Language list.

7. In the Send notifications list, select the frequency for sending notifications

If you select the Immediately notifications option, I will be sent to e-mail immediately after a certain security rule is detected. If you select a different periodicity of notification of the operation of all security rules for the selected period will be sent in one letter.

8. To check the correctness of notification settings, click the Check Settings button. If the test is successful, a test message will be delivered to the specified e-mail address.

9. Click OK to save the settings.

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