Interception of mail through the creation of a journaling mailbox on the mail server

Journaling mechanism is the ability to organize the recording of all incoming and outgoing e-mail messages. Journaling allows you to log all messages that are sent to/from mailboxes located in a specific mailbox database.

Journaling can be carried out both on the internal and external box.

When using journaling on the internal mailbox, copies of all mail correspondence will be sent to a special internal mailbox from which the Falcongaze SecureTower Mail Server will take them via the POP3 protocol (including using SSL encryption).

When configuring logging to an external mailbox - copies of all mail correspondence will be sent to the Falcongaze SecureTower Mail Processing Server, i.e. This component of the system will act as an external mail server, to which the mail flow will be directed. The mail processing server will receive the SMTP mail transmitted to it via the SMTP protocol (including SSL / STARTTLS encryption) and add it to the internal database.

It supports work with mail servers based on MS Exchange and other systems using POP3 and SMTP protocols (Lotus Domino, Postfix, Sendmail, etc.).

In order to proceed with the configuration of the system integration with the mail servers, select the "Mail Processing" tab in the SecureTower Administrator Console.




Restricting internal mail for licensing

Licensing of interception of mail messages is carried out proceeding from division of the intercepted messages on internal and external.

To configure the list of internal mail domains or individual internal mail addresses please press "Internal e-mail" button in "Mail Processing" tab.


Sorting and monitoring of e-mail messages occurs in several stages:

1.) The contents of the "From" field are checked for belonging to the list of internal domains:

a. if the sender's mail domain belongs to the list of internal (included in the list of internal and this account is covered by the license), or there is a free internal mail license for allocation - the message will be intercepted;

b. If the mail is not covered by the license and there is no free license to control the internal mail records, the letter will be ignored.

2.) The contents of the "From" field are checked for belonging to the list of external domains:

a. if the domain belongs to external ones and this mailing address is not yet covered by the license, and there is no free license for controlling external accounts - the letter will also be ignored;

b. if the mail account specified in the "From" field belongs to an external domain and there is a free license for external mail records or the address is already covered by the license - the check for the presence of internal mail records undergoes the contents of the fields "To", "CC" "(" Copy ") and" BCC "(" BCC "):

i. if all internal accounts listed in the fields listed are covered by licenses or if there are sufficient free licenses, the letter will be intercepted;

ii. if there are at least one internal postal entry in the specified fields that is not covered by the license and for which there is no free license, the letter will not be intercepted.

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