General rules for exceptions for antivirus

In the standard mode of antivirus programs, there are usually no problems with installing and running the SecureTower agent. In cases where preventive protection mechanisms are included in the settings of the anti-virus software (heuristic analysis, search and analysis of potentially dangerous software, etc. Functions with non-signature analysis), it is recommended to perform additional configuration.

To install the agent, it is necessary that the antivirus does not block the launch from:

C:\ Windows\TEMP\

C: \ Windows\TEMP\fgstagentsetup.exe

C: \ Windows\TEMP\udd*.tmp


To manage the agent, you must exclude the following paths from the scan:

C:\ProgramData\Falcongaze SecureTower\or C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Falcongaze SecureTower\(for OSs older than Visata)

C:\Program Files\FalconGaze SecureTower\