SecureTower functions

A full control of the corporate information is achieved by means of monitoring of maximum number of communication channels and data transfer protocols.

Monitoring of staff performance

Department managers and top managers can get a full picture of employees’ working days and adjust the distribution of tasks, terms, build effective project teams.

Monitoring of staff performance

The analysis of work processes enables reasonable distribution of workload between employees in a department, as well as between entire divisions. Convenient reporting system ensures comprehensive data, as well as transparent reports on the department performance to the higher management staff.
Monitoring of work processes with the help of SecureTower, amongst all other things, allows to monitor employees’ communication with customers and partners, carry out analysis and work on mistakes. Apart from this, our solution helps to identify the most efficient and dedicated employees and promote them – so that none of achievement would be unnoticed.

SecureTower is a tool for protection against internal threats, which is able to have a positive impact on many aspects of company operation: administrative and organizational, economic, reputational, and many others.