Version 6.2
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  • Investigation Center provides you powerful facility for case handling, evidence collecting and creating of reports on security incidents

  • The Speech Recognition Server transforms data intercepted from messengers voice communications automatically in text

    Now you can apply search tools and other tools of the Client console to such data.

  • System enables you to configure an automatic launch of scripts and programs when a security rule triggers

    To add a script to a security rule or a group of rules click the command Modify (on the toolbar or context menu) and go to the tab Scripts.

  • Interception of messengers is improved accordingly there development: new versions of WhatsApp, Skype (incl. WinRT version), Telegram, Mail.RU Agent are under control
  • Interface of data replication configuring enables to make more sophisticated settings

    You can configure a schedule of replication. The System displays replication statistics. The replication queue can be organized on a disc now. This feature increases replication data safety and integrity in case of system failure.

  • Integration of SecureTower and Microolap EtherSensor is presented

    Microolap EtherSensor — it is a program platform for network trafic analysis in the real time mode. It recognize such user communication objects as messages, files, network events.

  • ABBYY module can recognize several PDF-documents simultaneously
  • Network load is decreased in the process of endpoint agents and server interaction
  • Auto configuration of system firewall on a computer by endpoint agent can be disabled

    During its installation and after it the agent can configure settings of Windows firewall for ensuring of constant connection with an Endpoint agents server. To disable or enable this function use the option Enable system firewall auto configuration on computers with installed agents in the tab Settings of server and data storage of section tab Agents.

  • When an e-mail blocked by the MS Outlook integration module, the letter is saved in the folder Sent Items
  • A Security officer can delete pieces of intercepted data
  • Complex search includes Search by thesaurus

    The Thesaurus search technology provides a complex algorithm of matching of intercepted data, documents with a specified thesaurus (dictionaries with terms commonly used in a specified area of life). To filter matching results you can set a threshold: total quantity of matches per document or piece of data.

    To create a search request on the menu bar click the Search arrow and select Search by thesaurus. In the thesauruses list select a necessary.

  • Thesauruses kit includes dictionaries in the Kazakh language now