State institutions

The state sector organizations have to take care of the information security more and more frequently. First of all, it is associated with legislative initiatives and transition to the e-document management.

Most state institutions are obliged to fulfill orders on the information security in accordance with the requirement of different regulations. SecureTower can ensure fulfillment of the major part of these requirements. The system implementation is a mandatory element of the trade and state secret maintenance provision.

Development of the e-documentation management, in its turn, increases the possibility of the confidential data compromising through digital communication channels. Public officers and state officials use e-mails, messengers and other communication channels which can become the source of the information leakage. SecureTower provides a full control of the document flow practically in all existing data streams.

Recent legislative initiatives directly indicate the need to provide a full data protection in the state institutions, while such structures as the Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB), the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC) and Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications (Roskomnadzor) perform constant checks of compliance with these orders. The FSB and FSTEC licenses and certificates, obtained by the SecureTower developers, allow the product use and successful results of such inspections.

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