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SecureTower 5.7: ergonomic interface, new tools for data transmission control and unique reports

13 July 2015

Falcongaze announces a new version of the SecureTower software, designed for confidential data leakage prevention, monitoring of staff activity, as well as comprehensive protection of business against internal threats. The tools allowing to ensure reliable preservation of information assets, get even more detailed information about the workflows and protect the business from the effects of the crisis have been added to SecureTower 5.7.

According to the information security experts who took part in ITWeb Security Summit 2015 in South Africa, cloud storages, which represent today one of the most popular data transmission channels, are at the same time just as much vulnerable in terms of security. In the new version of SecureTower an opportunity to control cloud storage services (Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.) has appeared. Now you can restrict access to them for employees of certain departments or control downloaded and copied to them files that may contain confidential commercial information. SecureTower controls not only cloud web services, but also their client applications.

One more new feature that is important to ensure comprehensive security is the function of processes’ blocking in SecureTower 5.7. The ability to block certain processes from running allows to prevent the start of potentially dangerous applications on employee workstations, or applications that are not directly related to the performance of official duties and not designed for use during working time – such, for example, as games, torrents, anonymizers.

Significant changes in the new version of SecureTower have touched the administrator console, which has been endowed with the most flexible settings and, therefore, has become even more convenient to use and instantly responsive to user actions. Home page of administrator console now displays information about the current status and basic statistics for the server components of the system that makes it possible to quickly obtain detailed information on the work of each of them. Apart from the fact that it is possible to stop or restart any of the servers manually, the administrator console will automatically reconnect to them in case the connection is lost for some reason. Thus, starting with the version SecureTower 5.7 in an instant you can actually get a comprehensive and clear picture of processes currently ongoing in the system and the local network, whether it is information about the intercepted letters, the processed data, security incidents, the number of controlled workstations or the current load on server.

A new type of reports, which is a summary table of the results of staff performance over a certain period, has been added to Reports Center in the SecureTower system. The vertical axis represents users and the horizontal axis represents configurable parameters (number of emails, messages in IM, visited sites, printed documents, etc.). These reports allow to obtain data on the work of the whole company in convenient representation.

The improvement of the mechanism of saving a report from User Activities Control module, which contains detailed information on the computer activities of employees during the workday, deserves special mention. Now a unique html report, which when saved to a local disk, actually operates on the principle of a website and fully supports the functionality of the client console, can be designed before saving. SecureTower users can add to the report, which is being saved, the necessary elements in any combination, select data for certain days of the working week, as well as convenient format of representation of some components. For example, it is possible to save the information on the activities of an employee in the form of the detailed interactive document with the ability to view messages, search queries, desktop screenshots, etc. At the same time, you can select a simplified version in the form of an audit when the generated html report will provide general information on the number of emails, files, POST requests, etc. but without the option to see their contents.

"In the age of technology, when the number of means of electronic communication is constantly growing, the number of threats posed by popular channels of business communication is also increasing. Therefore, we have added to SecureTower new risk management tools, replenished the list of controlled data transmission channels and updated the reporting system. At the same time, we have stayed true to ourselves and made the product interface even more convenient, modern and what is most important – highly functional. We will continue to make efforts to improve SecureTower," said Andrew Barmuta, head of software development in Falcongaze.