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SecureTower 4.0 – comprehensive reports system

22 January 2013

Falcongaze Company finished the development and integration in the DLP-solution SecureTower of the new reports system. It consolidated the current interactive elements, which allows examining in detail the incident and the new functionality for building automatic graphical reports based on all kinds of statistical data obtained by the system.

The new SecureTower’ reports center permits to tune the complex processes analysis in the company and to expose a regularities which may denote the breach of company’s security rules. The interactive tools were realized for efficient work, and new component permits to realize the scaled appraisal measures.

For example the SecureTower reports system created before, permits security officers to receive both detailed and summary information about network users’ activity in the company.

Work day snapshot gives the detailed representation of employee’s activity during the given space of time, graph analyzer of users interconnections allows to detect the round of relations and to identify all employee’s connections. Additionally the analysis of used by staff applications gives the complementary visual information. All forms of reports are interactive. And during the examination of the incident it permits to pass to the interested message, dialogue in messenger, or specific document.

The new component allows creating the detailed and large-scale statistical reports which are demonstrating one or another examining component. Also such information gives to security officer the big picture about the state of affairs in the company. It’s possible to export created on the given criteria reports in the popular formats or just print out. It permits not only evaluating one’s own work, but also demonstrating to executives the efficiency and advantages of DLP-system SecureTower.

For the ease of users’ handling the system possesses the predetermined basic reports forms which could be edited in compliance with necessities of security officer.

The new report center together with interactive reporting system realized before, ensure the efficiency in examination of statistics and creating the analytical reports.

«Realized before in the SecureTower system reporting tools generally was designed for prompt analysis of situation and examination of the incidents. It permitted to minimize the time expenses of security office. Now the reports system of SecureTower is improved in compliance with demands of corporative sector. Also the Falcongaze developers realized an effective tool for the work evaluation of the SecureTower system and security office in whole. Naturally we have a plans of developing of this component with a glance of our clients and tendencies on the market» - said Alexander Akimov, CEO of Falcongaze Company.