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SecureTower – security policy export

11 July 2012

Falcongaze Company announces the update of SecureTower – an information and economic security solution. The new version includes export and import functions for security policy templates created by user.

In view of the fact that each company has its own distinct requirements to the methods of information protection, the setup and adaptation of security rules might take a considerable time. To minimize the time needed for tuning security rules in companies with complex network architecture, where it is impossible to create a single database and a common information processing center, SecureTower now features a possibility to export and import existing rules, dictionaries and regular expressions.

The new functionality makes it possible to export created security policies into a separate file to subsequently import them for use in other local networks. It helps save much time on deployment and considerably speed up implementing the solution in networks with complex topology, separately controlled distributed offices and in situations, when it is necessary to replace the hardware where the SecureTower security center module is installed.

Additionally, the new features of security policy export and import allows increasing the level of consulting services rendered to costumers. The new functionality enables Falcongaze specialists to embody customers’ formal objectives for creation of necessary security policies and simply provide ready-to-use policy templates that can be easily imported into the running system.