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SecureTower – enhancement of communication flows control

30 January 2013

Falcongaze Company is proud to announce the release of new version SecureTower system, created for corporate data leaks protection. The new version of the product permits to control the data exchanged by means of MS Lync or transferred with the use of MAPI.

At present the employees of any company use a considerable quantity of information transmission channels: different mail agents, social networks communication clients, numerous messengers. Without due control those information channels may turn into leakage of commercial or personal information. At that the policy of all-out ban on the use of communication channels is not the right problem solving. Such decision on the contrary may create supplemental troubles: with restriction of communication channels use the staff can’t carry out their job functions. That’s why one of basic principles of SecureTower system development is the continuous extension of controlled information channels.

At the moment the system allows controlling the large quantity of popular messengers, which use the protocols of instant messaging OSCAR (such as ICQ/AIM), MMP (Mail.Ru Agent), MSN (Windows Messenger), XMPP/Jabber (such as Miranda, Google Talk, QIP Infium, PSI), YIM (Yahoo! Messenger), all text and voice messages in Skype etc.

Also SecureTower controls the e-mails of external mail services (,, etc.), the messages on forums, visited web-pages of social networks and others web-services, which are using the protocol HTTP and HTTPS. Besides that SecureTower system controls the mail client traffic, where the protocols POP3, SMTP, IMAP are used (for example, MS Outlook, Thunderbird, The Bat!), messages MS Exchange Server, IBM Lotus and Domino, Kerio Connect, Sendmail, hMailServer etc.

In the new version the developers of the SecureTower system realized the interception and control of the data, transmitted by Microsoft Lync (formerly known as Microsoft Office Communicator), as well as traffic exchanged by protocol MAPI used in the mail applications such Microsoft Outlook, MS Exchange Server, The Bat! etc. All those innovations were realized on the assumption of many inquiries of companies of corporate sector and representatives of the segment of small and medium-sized and large businesses.