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SecureTower – effective control by dictionaries

24 June 2012

Falcongaze Company is proud to announce the release of the new version of SecureTower - a data leak prevention system for corporate networks. The updated version of the product features new functionality for information control using subject dictionaries or thesauri.

Nowadays companies operate considerable amount of information related to different fields of knowledge. Strong diversification of information results in an increased number of false positives when using standard settings of security policies for all data types. The new functionality of SecureTower allows analyzing all intercepted traffic by word arrays contained in the customizable dictionaries and thus minimizing the percentage of false triggering where no security policy is actually breached.

The new instrument is intended for creating dictionaries that contain words and expressions on various subjects corresponding to the company’s needs. The instrument will come with several embedded thematic dictionaries of major importance for data control. In the case an intercepted document contains a word, a group of words or expressions included into a dictionary, the system will instantly send a notification of incident to the specialist responsible for information security in the company.

This instrument will be useful to control the life cycle of different reports, legal documents, information about the company’s innovative developments, financial documentation or personally identifying information of the staff.

For example, a dictionary made up of words and expressions relevant to accounting practices will enable SecureTower to detect employees sending out any information on the financial operations of the company.

The instrument allows adjusting the threshold of security rule sensitivity: for example, if you set the value to «5 words», the security rule will only work in case an intercepted document contains no less than five words from the dictionary that was used for analysis.

Thus, the new feature of SecureTower is a useful tool for safe control of professional and dedicated information that allows increasing the general efficacy of the system and reducing the number of false positives.