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SecureTower 2.7 – control over encrypted XMPP (Jabber)

31 May 2011

Falcongaze Company is proud to announce the release of the new SecureTower version 2.7 – a comprehensive system for sensitive data leak protection, now featuring full control of all information transferred over encrypted XMPP (Jabber) protocol.

One of our priorities in the development of SecureTower is continuous expansion in the number of potential channel of data leakage under control. As instant messengers are perhaps the fastest and easiest way to transfer information outside a company, and every employee has Skype, AIM, Windows Live Messenger, Miranda, Google Talk or others installed in the system, they should be paid special attention to.

An unscrupulous employee using encrypted data transmission channels (such as Skype, XMPP (Jabber) or encrypted mail) is usually confident that his activities are safely hidden from prying eyes.

The new version of SecureTower features a significantly reworked module of data interception, which brought up the number of controlled leakage channels. In addition to popular instant messengers, e-mail messages (including encrypted ones), as well as Skype messages and voice calls, the system can now handle encrypted XMPP (Jabber) protocol, which is used in such popular messengers as Miranda, QIP Infium (QIP 2010), PSI and many others.

Moreover, the interface of the new version of SecureTower has been refined, resulting in better ergonomics and improved user experience with the program. The feature of query text highlighting in search results has been updated, which has made it much easier to determine the degree of threat constituted by certain documents and correspondence, and, if necessary, respond to the incident.