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Falcongaze developers created a technology for WhatsApp interception
Falcongaze developers created a technology for WhatsApp interception

Falcongaze Company, which has already rolled out the technology for interception of communication and file sharing via Telegram Messenger earlier this year, now announces the replenishment of the messengers under control line. The new version of comprehensive information security platform SecureTower will be complemented by a technology allowing to intercept communication in the WhatsApp messenger, which hit second place in the ranking of Falcongaze Analytics Center 15 November 2016

Falcongaze developed functional to control Telegram
Falcongaze developed functional to control Telegram

Falcongaze, vendor of information security, workflow monitoring and optimization products, announces Telegram Messenger under control in the latest version of SecureTower. SecureTower is a comprehensive information security and risk management platform. 19 July 2016

Employers have the right to monitor private messages of employees

The last week’s news that the European Court of Human Rights made the ruling employers can monitor email and IM private messages of employees caused wide public resonance.

19 January 2016
Falcongaze announces the release of the new version of SecureTower

Falcongaze Company announces the release of the new version of SecureTower which is a comprehensive Information Security Platform designed to prevent data leaks and protect company against internal threats. New functional to inspect workstations for appearance of confidential documents on them, as well as the new server component, allowing to monitor statuses of all servers and system user actions, appeared in SecureTower 5.8. SecureTower was supplemented by tools that make the system even more effective anti-crisis solution, which allows companies to ensure reliable protection against information leakages, misuse of working time and industrial espionage in a situation of economic instability.

23 December 2015
Falcongaze explores the market in East Asia

Falcongaze Company strengthens its market position in East Asia. The path of further development of this promising region begins with a partnership with South Korean company Hanvit Si Inc. Hanvit Si has more than ten years of experience in information security, performs network analysis, provides customers with effective software solutions and delivers quality consulting and after-sales service. As part of its activities, the company focuses on building strong relationship with business partners abroad.

23 November 2015