What is the SecureTower DLP system?

A DLP (Data Leak Prevention) system is a system that prevents confidential information from leaking from the company’s inner network.
SecureTower is a 2 in 1 system (Data leak protection + users activity control).

SecureTower’s modus operandi

Data interception
Data interception
SecureTower’s agent application is installed on the computers + centralized interception, ICAP, mail processing server
Data storage and indexing
Data storage and indexing
All the intercepted information goes to your SecureTower server and gets indexed
Smart analysis
Smart analysis
All information is then subjected to intelligent analysis. The system alerts you in case of breach
How does SecureTower work?
You get full control of corporate information by monitoring the maximum number of communication channels and data transfer protocols. All the staff actions are analyzed automatically and, in case of breach, the system instantly alarms the head or security service.
1 Control of all data transmission channels
Control of all data transmission channels
2 Analysis of intercepted data according to the set security rules
Analysis of intercepted data according to the set security rules
Staff loyalty assessment
4 Alarming on security breach or rise in employee’s risk level
Alarming on security breach or rise in employee’s risk level
5 Creating incident reports
Creating incident reports
6 Incidents prioritization and investigation
Incidents prioritization and investigation
Where can SecureTower be used?
  1. In company’s local network
  2. In networks with complex architecture
  3. In geographically distributed offices
  4. In mobile workplaces
SecureTower works efficiently and invisibly in networks of any complexity, as well as in companies with geographically distributed infrastructure. The implementation, configuration and management of the system in such organizations is centralized — the ability to control branches from the central office can significantly reduce the costs of the security service for personnel.
The introduction of a DLP system into a corporate network is a key element in building an effective information security management system in an organization!

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