Risk analysis

Visualization of employee behavior changes in real time and timely response to a threat

What is Risk analysis module?

Risk analysis is an UBA (User Behavior Analysis) – module integrated into system. It monitors abnormal and potentially dangerous for the organization changes in the employees behavior.


  1. Forms employees behavior patterns and assigns them the appropriate level of risk;
  2. Informs the security department about the level of risk and incidents of security policies that pose a real threat to the company;
  3. Divides incidents according to criticality and allows paying attention primarily to the most important ones;
  4. Statistical reports and bright visualization reflect employees behavior changes in real time;
  5. Works since the moment of system installation. Likewise, it carries out a retrospective analysis.

How does it work?

This module automatically calculates employee risk level based on security incidents. Then, it forms the list of all employees and their risk levels. Using filters and available data visualization settings, security officer can identify the most unreliable employees.

Changes and anomalies in employee behavior are automatically displaying on a dynamically modified employee risk profile. Risk analysis module collects all necessary information and generates reports required for further investigations.

Why does your business need it?

Risk analysis module allows transferring a security specialist from an incident response officer to a preventive manager. Thus, an officer can prioritize threats and make a decision beforehand for successful elimination or weakening a crisis. Thereby, the tool significantly saves company resources.

Advantages of DLP-system with integrated UBA-module:

  • Advantages of DLP-system with integrated UBA-module:
  • Minimizing the risk of insider threats
  • Processes automation
  • Saving security department work time
  • Improving management efficiency
  • Forming a whole picture of users behavior
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