Identification of potentially dangerous employees (risk analysis)

Risk analysis is a module integrated into the UBA (User Behavior Analytics) system that monitors abnormal and potentially dangerous for the organization changes in employee behavior. The system analyses employee activity according to various parameters and generates a list of employees who pose a higher risk.
SecureTower automatically notifies if an employee’s risk level has increased, allowing prompt actions to be taken.

Key features of the Risk Analysis module

Forms employee behaviour patterns and attributes the appropriate level of risk to them
Collects data since the installation of the DLP system and allows retrospective analysis
Informs security professionals about risk level and security policy incidents that pose a real threat to the company
Statistical reports and vivid visualisation promptly reflect changes in employee’s behavior
Divides incidents by criticality and allows focusing on the most important ones first

How it works?

  1. The risk analysis module automatically calculates an employee’s risk level based on security incidents. A list of all employees and their risk levels is then generated. Using filters and available data visualization options it is possible to identify employees who pose special risks to the organization.
  2. Changes and anomalies in the employee’s behavior are automatically displayed on a dynamically changing graph of the employee’s risk level.
  3. The risk analysis module automatically generates all necessary information and reports to investigate user behaviour trends.

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