Control of employees' work on computers

Modern business almost entirely depends on the competence and responsibility of employees. That is why personnel control is a necessity for any company.
For supervisors —
to understand how effectively employees work.
For management —
to see the full picture of the employees’ working day and optimize their work.
For security service —
to identify fraudsters and unloyal employees.
Those tasks can be solved with help of SecureTower system

SecureTower controls
and memorizes all the actions on employee’s computer

SecureTower controls <br> and memorizes all the actions on employee’s computer SecureTower controls <br> and memorizes all the actions on employee’s computer
and deletion
of data
sent to print

Convenient and complete staff control

Workday picture
Workday picture
SecureTower allows seeing in as much detail as possible what employees were doing on the computer during the workday. The system shows start time, end time and downtime. What programs the employee used, what web resources he visited, who he communicated with, what files he sent.
Automatic control of actions and breaches
Automatic control of actions and breaches

All the employee’s actions, communications and uploaded files are automatically analyzed for security rules violations and risk increase.

The security rules are preinstalled in the system, but there’s an option of creating custom ones for any business task.

If a violation is detected, the system immediately notifies the supervisor or security service./

Flexible reporting system
Flexible reporting system

Fully customizable reports on security incidents and employees’ daily work are available for security officers and business unit managers.

Also, reports can be configured to be automatically generated on a schedule and sent to email.


SecureTower uses a graph-analyzer to identify staff relationships, which has a profile for each employee, showing his communication with other people.

The profile contains email addresses, messenger names, social media accounts and other sites.

SecureTower remembers the addresses of all external contacts in order to identify external foes. Search for connections between groups of employees will find common external contacts.

This allows detecting an external intruder or, for example, a recruiter from competitors in a timely manner.

Workstations indexing
Workstations indexing
SecureTower automatically analyzes all computers in the local network for the presence or absence of sensitive documents. The search can be performed both by name and by file attributes. There is also a manual search mode.

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